Yoga To Cure Diabetes
  • Aug. 23, 2021

5 Must-try Asanas of Yoga To Cure Diabetes

A sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, and working late has lead to numerous health problems. Health problems like high blood pressure, stroke, and even low testosterone levels have become quite common around the world. One of these is Diabetes Mellitus, also known as Diabetes. However, you have yoga to cure diabetes and help you live a life without worrying about unhealthy blood sugar levels.

Diabetes is a serious health issue that occurs when your blood glucose levels are too high. Blood glucose is a major energy source. It comes from the food you eat. Insulin, a hormone secreted by the pancreas gets the glucose from the food into your cells for energy. Unfortunately, at times your body does not produce enough insulin or is unable to use it well, which leads to high glucose levels and eventually diabetes.

Are you aware of the different forms of diabetes? No? Don't worry! Read further to know everything about this health problem.

Different Types Of Diabetes

The most common type of diabetes are;

Type 1 Diabetes

If you suffer from Type 1 Diabetes, your body does not produce enough Insulin. Your immune system attacks and destroys cells that make insulin. This type of diabetes is most common in children and young adults. Moreover, those with Type 1 Diabetes must take insulin every day.

Type 2 Diabetes

If you have Type 2 Diabetes, your body is unable to produce or use insulin properly. This form of diabetes is detected in middle-aged and older people. However, you can keep this issue at bay by including yoga to cure diabetes into your daily routine.

Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes is mostly found in pregnant women. This form of diabetes goes away after the baby is born. Unfortunately, if you have gestational diabetes, there is a high chance you might develop Type 2 diabetes in later years.

However, that is not all. Diabetes also gives rise to numerous other health issues like;

  • Heart problems
  • Stroke
  • Kidney problems
  • Oral health problems
  • Nerve damage
  • Foot problems
  • Vision problems

Luckily, you have yoga to cure diabetes to keep you out of this problem. Let us look at how yoga keeps diabetes at bay.

Benefits Of Yoga For Diabetic Individuals

As seen above, those suffering from diabetes carry an increased risk of developing numerous other health problems. It is for this reason they need to keep their blood sugar levels in control.

Daily practice of yoga to cure diabetes works at the root of the problem. Read further to know how yoga works its magic.

1. Minimizes Stress

A leading cause of fluctuations in your blood sugar levels is high stress. Stress leads to Hypertension, which increases your risk of cardiovascular disease and insulin resistance. However, daily practice of yoga provides your body and mind with a therapeutic effect.

2. Protects Cardiovascular System

There are numerous yoga to cure diabetes asanas that keep your cholesterol level and blood pressure under control. Daily yoga practice minimizes the changes in blood vessels which are the culprits behind cardiovascular health issue.

3. Improves Overall Strength & Balance

There are yoga asanas that improve your body's strength and balance, which helps minimize liver fat. In the long run, this improves the blood sugar levels which is beneficial for those suffering from obesity or type 2 diabetes.

However, for you to reap these wonderful benefits, you must practice the right yoga to cure diabetes asanas. Yoga experts have come up with some yoga asanas that help you keep diabetes at arms length.

5 Yoga To Cure Diabetes Asanas

1. Bow Pose

Known as Dhanurasana, Bow Pose strengthens and regulates the Pancreas. This yoga asana also strengthens your abdominal muscles, improves digestion, and prevents stomach cramps.

2. Upward Facing Dog Pose

If you want a yoga to cure diabetes pose that also works the quadriceps, spinal extensors, and triceps brachii, do this yoga asana.

3. Legs Up The Wall

Legs Up The Wall stimulates your body's internal organs including the pancreas. Daily practice of this yoga asana controls the blood pressure and minimizes blood sugar levels. This yoga pose also improves blood circulation and energy levels.

4. Mandukasana

Mandukasana is one of the best yoga to cure diabetes poses. This gives your pancreas a good stretch and improves the release of insulin. Apart from this, it also improves the functioning of other glands in your body.

5. Halasana

If you have a sedentary lifestyle and suffer from diabetes, practice the Halasana. This yoga pose controls the adverse effects of diabetes on your body. Apart from this, it reduces belly fat and promotes the secretion of insulin in your body.

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Diabetes is a metabolic disease that occurs due to high blood sugar levels. In this medical condition, your body is unable to generate a healthy amount of insulin or unable to use it. However, with yoga to cure diabetes you can easily take care of this health issue.