Yoga Poses You Can Learn At Yoga Studios in Rishikesh
  • June 15, 2021

Yoga Poses You Can Learn At Yoga Studios in Rishikesh

There is a lot that goes at yoga studios in a class. Right from breathing, twisting, meditating, bending, and concentrating, you practice various yoga techniques for the engagement of the mind, body, and soul at yoga studios. Here we are going to list some of the most common poses that are taught by teachers at yoga studios in Rishikesh, India.

Yoga Poses You Expect to Practice at Yoga Studios in India

Here are the poses that are most common to be practiced when joining yoga classes at a yoga studio in Rishikesh, India.

At Beginners Level

Easy Pose

This is the most common pose to start off a yoga practice. So, it is usually included by yoga studios in a yoga session. This pose helps a practitioner to establish a seated foundation for the yoga practice. Easy pose is best to calm mind and body along with encouraging proper alignment of the spine.

Mountain Pose

Known as Tadasana, the mountain pose is all about getting strength and alignment. It helps in strengthening the legs as well as improving posture. Usually, in every yoga class for beginners, this yoga pose is considered by most yoga studios in Rishikesh, India.

Cobra Pose

Another pose used a lot in most yoga studios is the Cobra pose. This gentle backbend is a great chest opener. It stretches as well as strengthens the upper body along with helping the practitioner get rid of the problem of stress.

At Intermediate Level

Plank Pose

Plank pose helps in toning all the core muscles of your body, including the lower back, chest, and abdomen. The origin of the word plank comes from the Sanskrit work Kumbhak which means breath retention. One can do the yoga pose to strengthen muscles near the spine and to improve the posture.

Tree Pose

Best for improving focus and concentration along with bringing calmness to your mind, tree pose is usually added in a yoga session for intermediate-level yogis at a yoga studio in Rishikesh. The pose is great for stretching the torso, thighs, groins, and shoulders. It is also a great fit to get relief from the problem of sciatica and flat feet.

Hero Pose

Hero pose is also found practiced by yoga students in a yoga studio in Rishikesh, India. It is a classical seated pose that helps in stretching the ankles and thighs while improving overall body posture. Known as virasana, it is also considered by those who want to increase the flexibility of their legs.

At Advanced Level

Scorpion Pose

Once a yoga practitioner develops enough core strength and mobility of the shoulders, this yoga pose can be added to the session. This advanced pose is usually added during 300 or 500 hour yoga teacher training sessions by yoga studios in Rishikesh. The scorpion pose helps in strengthening the back, arms, torso, and shoulders.

Little Thunderbolt Pose

Expressing power, strength, and balance, the Little Thunderbolt pose is great to increase spine flexibility and strengthen legs. It can only be practiced by yogis completely dedicated and devoted to learning yoga. Needs lots of strength, it is recommended only to be practiced by those who are sure of their physical abilities.

King Pigeon Pose

Similar to the word king, this pose can be practiced only by the masters of yoga, which means advanced practitioners. This pose helps in opening your hips and easing pain in the lower back. Although the yoga pose can increase the flexibility of your body and stretch your muscles in a great manner, it is suggested to practice with complete knowledge in an attempt to avoid any injury or strain.


Corpse Pose

This is the most common pose one can see in every yoga session, no matter whether it is for beginners or advanced yoga practitioners. It is basically a resting pose giving your body and mind time to absorb the benefits of the complete yoga session. It relaxes your mind and helps you get the best out of your yoga practice. At every yoga studio, corpse or savasana is a must-add yoga pose to practice at the end of a yoga session.

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Wrapping Up

Our list of yoga poses that can be expected to learn at yoga studios in Rishikesh, India ends here. We hope after reading the post, you will have some idea about the poses that are usually incorporated in a yoga class at various levels of yoga training in a yoga studio.