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  • Aug. 2, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Yoga Packages

If you want to save money, you should definitely look out for various yoga packages. Choosing different yoga packages offers you the best deals. It also provides you best return on investment. However, before choosing any yoga package, you should know what you will get in a particular package.

With that said, let’s have a brief about what types of yoga courses you get in a yoga package. Then, we’ll brief you on what should you take care of while choosing any yoga package. Keep reading.

Different Yoga Programs in Yoga Packages

Even though there are numerous yoga packages available. However, you can easily categorize them into two packs. One is a yoga retreat and the other is yoga teacher training packages. Let’s explore each section to have a better understanding of it.

Yoga Retreat Packages

When you look out for yoga packages for a yoga retreat, you get plenty of options to choose from. There are 5 days, 10 days, and 15 days yoga retreat packages that you can choose from.

Furthermore, another amazing offer that yoga packages offer you are various types of yoga retreats. It enables you to choose between spiritual healing, adventure retreat, silent retreat, and simple Hatha yoga retreat.

Yoga Teacher Training Packages

Whosoever wanted to enhance their yoga practice should choose yoga packages offering various yoga training programs. Let’s have a glimpse of what you might get.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

For beginners, it is ideal that they choose yoga packages offering 200 hour YTT courses. Just make sure you check whether it is Yoga Alliance certified or not.

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

For intermediate yoga practitioners, 300 hour YTT is a perfect yoga course you should aim for. Thus, look out for various yoga packages offering a budget-friendly deal of a 300 hour YTT course.

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Want to open your yoga academy? Well, for that, you need in-depth knowledge about yoga and its various aspects. That is what you’ll learn in a 500 hour YTT course. Moreover, people who want to master the art of yoga should look out for yoga packages offering affordable 500 hour yoga training.

The above-mentioned was just an overview of what you’ll get in various yoga packages. However, it completely depends on your goals or personal preference what you go with. Before you join any of the given yoga packages, make sure you keep the following points in check. Have a look.

Important Things to Check in Yoga Packages

1. Cost-Effective

No doubt yoga packages are cost-effective deals. However, sometimes, the offer exceeds the actual amount you might pay if you go take the course alone. That means to say that adding additional things in a package might increase its cost.

Also, who knows you only need a single yoga training course and the retreat package might never get used. So, check out the actual cost before finalizing any yoga packages.

2. Check Out Schedule

It is important that you know how much time are you going to spend learning things related to your goal. If you choose a yoga package offering yoga retreat services, you need to worry about the schedule. It differs from one type of retreat to the other.

But, you should know in and out about the yoga training schedule. Sometimes, enrolling through a package might add or reduce an element from a course. So, make sure you get everything in your mind before enrolling in any course.

3. Number of Days

It is crucial to know how many days your program is going to be. In the case of yoga retreats, the general approach goes from 5 to 15 days. However, training courses vary from 28 to 60 days. Therefore, you don’t want to mess up your routine.

Hence, know about your stay before finalizing the deal with the yoga packages provider.

4. Facilities Offered

Various services include food, accommodation, WiFi, beverages, and much more. Keep a tight check on such little details. These might seem little but will eat a lot of your money if you got to pay for it separately.

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Wrap Up

As you can see, you should explore every inch of various yoga packages available so that you truly get the best deal. In case something seems shady, just stay away from that. Trust your gut feeling and enroll in one of the best deals to have the experience of a lifetime.