Yoga Instructions
  • July 08, 2021

What Are The Yoga Instructions For Beginners

Yoga has a rich history with Indian culture that goes back more than 5000 years. For some, yoga helps them develop a toned physique, while for others it helps them dive deeper into spirituality. If you plan to learn this ancient art, you must enroll in a certified yoga school to learn everything from yoga gurus. However, you have to follow some yoga instructions for beginners to practice yoga with safety.

You will come across many yoga practitioners for whom yoga is a valuable tool that helped them recover from a traumatic experience in the past. One thing is sure, practicing yoga helps you build good habits like discipline and non-attachment to material things. In the long run, learning yoga under an experienced yoga teacher helps unlock the hidden potential within you.

However, there is a common question that you as a yoga beginner might have in mind – Why Should I Practice Yoga? Don't worry, yoga experts have the answer to that.

Why Should I Practice Yoga?

You live in a culture that offers your body and mind continuous stimulation without a break. Unfortunately, this stimulation rids you of the innate ability to be happy and content. Moreover, you also start disconnecting from your real self.

Fortunately, yoga has the skills to help you re-connect with what matters most in life. It calms down your ever-active mind and gives you time to focus on the important things. In short, you become calmer and realize your connection with the internal and external world.

To help you adopt yoga into your daily schedule, yoga experts have come up with some easy-to-follow tips.

Yoga Instructions For Beginners

As stated above, yoga is a sacred art that offers you a host of health-related benefits. Whether you want to get rid of anxiety or treat lower back pain; there is a yoga asana for every problem.

However, for you to reap the benefits of yoga, you must follow some instructions to make the most of the yoga practice.

1. Learn Asana Names

As a beginner, you must brush up your knowledge of yoga. Yoga experts recommend you learn both English and Sanskrit names of the yoga asanas. This way when the yoga teacher asks you to do a specific yoga asana, you would not be confused about which one to do.

2 .Strengthen Your Wrists

Daily yoga practice improves your joints strength, especially the wrists. Yoga experts or personal yoga trainer recommend you should work on improving the wrist strength in between the practice. You can warm up the wrists with a few wrist rolls and practice some yoga asanas.

For example, you should do the Downward Dog or Plank Pose, both of which improve your wrist strength over a period of time. You can do these before hitting the yoga session.

3. Eat Light Before Class

One of the important yoga instructions you should follow is not to come to the class on a fully stomach. A full belly makes you uncomfortable during the session. Yoga experts recommend you take a break of at least an hour or two after consuming your meal. In other words, let your body digest the food before you head off to the session.

4. Shut Off Your Mind

Yoga experts recommend when you are in the middle of a yoga session, your mind will wander off to some other place. To stop this, you should slow down your breathing and listen to what your body is saying. You have to learn to let go of the self-judgment and negative self-talk that impacts the yoga practice.

In short, concentrate on the present moment instead of thinking about the uncertain future or gone-by past.

5. Share Medical History

The most important yoga instructions for beginners is you should inform the yoga teacher of any present medical condition. No matter how small an injury you think you have, always share it with your teacher. It helps the yoga teacher prepare a customized yoga practice suiting your condition. On the other hand, if you hide the problem, it will only become worse over time.

6. Challenge Yourself With Time

According to the ancient yogic text Yoga Sutra, yoga is defined as Sthira Sukham Asanam which means you should do yoga with a calm mind and body. Hence, always move slowly when it comes to learning and mastering the sacred art of yoga. Yoga experts recommend you should master one asana before moving onto the next one.

There it is! The six powerful yoga instructions for beginners to help you learn this sacred art with ease.


Do you want to make yoga a permanent lifestyle choice? Enroll in a certified yoga school to get the best yoga instructions for beginners from yoga experts.