Yoga For Neck Pain - 5 Poses
  • May 21, 2021

Yoga For Neck Pain - 5 Poses to Help Relieve Neck Pain

Do you know there are over 280 million cases of neck pain and cervical? How did it happen? Well, the answer is here. It is your smartphone, computer, laptop, or any other digital device. You must be thinking how. Since everyone is spending hours sitting, working, browsing, working, or playing, it was bound to happen. However, there is one simple, easy, and natural solution to the problem. Yoga for neck pain! That's right. Practice yoga for neck pain to ease out the pain and relax the stiff muscles.

To save your precious time learning more about it, here are five practical poses of yoga for neck pain that you must try. These work on your neck muscles, shoulder blades, shoulder joints, and neck joints. Keep reading.

Top 5 Poses of Yoga For Neck Pain

Cobra Pose

It is one of the best poses of yoga for neck pain. The sole focus while practicing this pose goes to your shoulder joints, scapula muscles, neck muscles, and behind-the-neck joints. Therefore, make sure you practice the cobra pose regularly.

How to do it: You can start by lying on the ground. Make sure your stomach is touching the ground. From there, use your arms to raise your upper body. However, ensure that your legs and waist are still in contact with the ground. Look up while raising your upper body for maximum stretch.

Sideways Neck Rolls

You might have seen a lot of people stretching their necks from one side to the other. However, what they are miss is proper muscle coordination and a deeper muscle-mind connection. It improves the supporting muscles in the sides of your neck. Hence, you can practice this pose of yoga for neck pain anywhere and anytime.

How to do it: Make sure you are sitting straight with your back straight. Now, raise your left hand and bring it over your head. From there, place it over to the right side of your head. Gently breathe in and pull with your left hand. Slowly pull until you feel a good stretch on your right side. Now repeat on the other side.

Cross Body Shoulder Stretch

The neck is linked with your upper back and shoulders. Therefore, having weak shoulder joints or neck muscles can also lead to poor posture or neck pain. Hence, the cross-body shoulder stretch is a perfect pose of yoga for neck pain.

How to do it: Stand uptight with your weight evenly balanced on your feet. Bring your left arm up and bring it to your right side. Make sure your upper body is in the forward direction. Place your right hand on the top of your left elbow. Gently press your left arm while feeling the stretch in your left shoulder. Repeat on the other side of your body.

Cat-Cow Stretch

One of the most effective poses of yoga for neck pain is the cat-cow stretch. It works not only on your upper back and shoulders but also on your lower back. Thus, never miss it out and practice it regularly for maximum benefits.

How to do it: You have to get on all fours. Make sure your palms are aligned with your shoulder joints for maximum benefits. From there, push your upper back to the ceiling that opens up your upper back or shoulder muscles. Now slowly bring it to the neutral position and let your lower back sync deep.

Superman Hold

The superman hold might seem like a passive pose of yoga for neck pain. However, the benefits are visible from day one itself.

How to do it: Simply lie on your stomach and extend your legs & arms out. Now, contract your back muscles, hips, and legs. Lift your upper and lower body off the ground. Keep them raised for a few seconds until you feel the burn.


You can practice the above-mentioned poses of yoga for neck pain anytime. Make sure you regularly practice them to make your neck flexible and strong.