Benefits of 200 YTT
  • Sep. 15, 2021

What Does RYT 200 Mean? What are the Benefits of 200 YTT?

Do you intend to become a certified yoga teacher? Have you been searching for the best way to kickstart this yogic journey? You should enroll in the 200 YTT which is the beginner-level yoga teacher training program. This program helps you enter into the spiritual realm of yoga teaching and acquire a deeper understanding of numerous yoga concepts like Pranayama and meditation.

You become an RYT 200, aka a Registered Yoga Teacher after completing the basic 200 hour yoga teacher training from a certified yoga school. However, to find employment, you would have to register with the Yoga Alliance. Registering with the Yoga Alliance makes it clear that you possess in-depth knowledge about the basics of yoga. Now, let us understand a bit more about the 200 hour YTT.

200 Hour YTT – Brief Introduction

The 200 YTT is a comprehensive yoga teacher training program that offers you in-depth knowledge of the yoga basics.

This yoga teacher training offers you knowledge on human anatomy, yoga origins, yoga history, yoga philosophy, Pranayama and meditation techniques, and mantra chanting among others.

However, before you sign on with a yoga school for the 200 hour yoga teacher training program, there are some things you should remember.

With that said, given below are three things you should look for in a 200 YTT program.

1. Safe & Up-to-Date Yoga Practice

Yoga is a gentle practice but only when following the correct body movement and alignment. Unfortunately, yoga also has its share of injuries. A quality 200 hour yoga teacher training provides you lessons on safe body alignment and balancing which improves your current practice of yoga.

2. Yoga Anatomy

Acquiring in-depth knowledge of human anatomy forms an important part of your journey to become a 200 RYT. It is how you understand yoga on a deeper level including how your breath works, how can you deepen a yoga pose, and how can you improve the current yoga practice.

A certified 200 hour YTT includes in-detail lessons on anatomy that cover how yoga impacts the different systems in your body. This information makes you qualified enough to help others learn and practice yoga safely.

3. Yoga Teaching

An important factor you should look for in a 200 YTT is lessons on yoga teaching. Remember, for you to become a yoga teacher, you first have to be confident enough to face a large group of yoga practitioners. This is where yoga teaching skills come into play.

A certified yoga teacher training program has yoga professionals who help you learn the art of teaching yoga to others.

Do you know there are some major benefits to signing up for a 200 YTT program? Read further to know.

The Benefits of 200 YTT

Yoga experts have come up with a list of perks you receive after completing this beginner yoga teacher training.

With that said, given below are some of the major benefits of enrolling in the 200 YTT.

1. Deepens Yoga Practice

The first benefit you get after completing this basic yoga teacher training is that it helps you advance in yoga practice on a whole new level. The lessons on advanced yoga techniques like Pranayama and meditation help you dive deeper into the spiritual side of yoga.

2. Helps You Embrace Change

We all have certain perceptions and preconceived notions regarding the world around us which the 200 YTT changes.

You step into a nurturing environment, meet new people, and develop a new perspective on the world around you. Nothing could provide you that deeper look at life itself than the 200 hour yoga teacher training program.

3. Connects You with 'YOU'

Do you know that breathing is the secret passageway that connects your brain and heart? Yes! Breathing is also an essential component of the 200 hour YTT program. Learning this yogic technique under the watchful eye of yoga teachers helps you connect with your true self.

4. Form Lasting Connections

The 200 YTT is a place for not just learning about yoga and its numerous techniques. It is an opportunity for you to connect with like-minded people. This is what helps you form new friendships with people who carry a common passion for yoga as you. In other words, this is your time to connect with a different culture.

There it is! Everything you need to know about the 200 YTT and how it helps you become the best yoga teacher.

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For you to become an RYT 200, joining a certified 200 YTT course is the first condition. However, this is not just another yoga teacher training program. The 200 hour yoga teacher training is the experience of a lifetime that helps you become acquainted with the basics of this ancient art.