top qualities of a yoga
  • Jan 23, 2021

Top Qualities Of A Yoga Teacher

You need to nurture many qualities when you think about becoming a certified yoga instructor. Your style of teaching yoga is subjective. Therefore, you need to upgrade yourself along with leveling up your yoga practice with each passing day. Yoga teachers enlighten you with new knowledge every time you feel stuck.

The following are a few universal qualities that you need to have as a yoga teacher. Keep reading to become aware of what you need to cultivate to become a great yoga teacher.

Qualities That Make You A Great Yoga Teacher

Clear Instructions

What is the point of instructing your students if they can’t understand you? You need to have a clear insight into what you are teaching in the class. For that, you need to clear all your questions or doubts before you can instruct your class.

Also, you should have an open discussion in the class so that your students feel comfortable while asking for your help.

Check-in Your Progress

Many yoga teachers just come into the class, instruct, and leave when the yoga session is over. They do not care about communicating with their students. However, you need to come earliest and leave at last. It provides you enough time to interact with your students.

Moreover, form a rapport with your students so that they can openly share their difficulties in practicing yoga. With that, you can track the progress of your students much better.

Enjoys Silences

New yoga teachers are not much aware of the significance of enjoying silent moments in a yoga class. Therefore, they sometimes speak or instruct more than needed. It could be a distraction for many of your students who are trying to focus on their practice.

Thus, you need to learn how to embrace the silence. Moreover, learn how to communicate without uttering a word, or how non-verbal communication could be a life savior in such moments.

Help People Grow

As a certified yoga teacher, you need to keep in mind that you are way ahead of your students. They will ask plenty of questions. Some might even ask foolish questions entirely out of the context of your class. What you need to learn is to keep your calm and try to grasp what your students are trying to learn by asking such questions.

Therefore, you need to help them understand in such a way that they don’t feel embarrassed. You must help them learn and grow.

Authentic Yoga Knowledge

Just like you can enhance your yoga practice by practicing yoga daily. You need to upgrade your yoga knowledge as well. However, you need to do your research to see whether the things you have come across are genuine or authentic or not.

For that, you can seek the guidance of your yoga master. Moreover, you can read books to clear away your doubts or to update your knowledge. Try to grasp the latest study based research in the field of yoga or yoga practice.

Yoga Alliance Certified

Thousands of yoga practitioners enroll in a 200 hour yoga teacher training course to become a certified yoga teacher. However, only a few are fortunate enough to reach the highest level of their journey. You need to get the Yoga Alliance certification.

Not just it increases your value as a yoga teacher but also opens a door to unlimited opportunities for you in the world of yoga. Thus, having a Yoga Alliance certification is a must if you want to teach yoga worldwide.


Moreover, you need to incorporate self-study into your routine to update your training. When you work towards the development of the above-mentioned qualities of a yoga teacher, you walk towards achieving your true potential.