Stay Fit During Later Years with Yoga
  • Oct. 14, 2021

Stay Fit During Later Years with Yoga for Seniors

In this age of information overload and sedentary lifestyles, it has become harder for everyone to maintain good physical and mental health. Add to that, if you are above the age of 50, then going for a morning walk every day is plain impossible. Fortunately, all you need to do is inculcate some yoga for seniors in your daily routine.

With time, yoga has evolved into numerous styles which have made it harder to choose the right yoga style. As a senior, you might be confused about which yoga style is best for your health. Don't worry! Yoga experts have come up with a small guide to help you make the right decision.

Which is the Best Style of Yoga for Seniors?

Before proceeding further, keep in mind that the type of yoga style you choose depends on factors like your level of fitness, physical and medical health status.

Before proceeding further, keep in mind that the type of yoga style you choose depends on factors like your level of fitness, physical and medical health status.

At the same time, personal preference also plays a major role in deciding the yoga course.

With that said, given below are the best yoga styles you can practice as a senior.

1. Gentle Yoga

The term gentle describes a variety of yoga styles that are less intensive and more on the meditative side. If you want to practice yoga for seniors that fall under this category, you can try:

  • Iyengar yoga
  • Kripalu yoga
  • Hatha yoga
  • Viniyoga
  • Sivananda yoga

2. Chair Yoga

If you want to practice yoga without having to hold a yoga asana for long, you should try chair yoga. The yoga teacher modifies the poses with a chair to make the practice a little easier for you.

Water Yoga

As the name suggests, this type of yoga is practiced in water. It is a low-impact activity that treats joint pain. This style of yoga is normally done at community centers or gyms.

However, for you to practice any of these yoga for seniors styles, you should keep in mind a few things.

What to Wear

You should choose comfortable clothing which helps you bend and stretch in different yoga poses. Yoga experts recommend you buy a pair of leggings with a well-fitting top.

What to Bring

When you enroll in yoga for seniors class, make sure to bring along some of the following items:

  • Water bottle
  • Towel
  • Sandals
  • Yoga mat
  • Medical ID
  • Doctor's contact (In case of emergencies)

You might wonder -

How Would Yoga for Seniors Help Me Stay Fit During Old Age?

Yoga might be a bit slow and relaxed way to good health and well-being. It does offer you numerous benefits like:

1. Sharpens the Mind

Yoga helps slow down your breathing and helps you meditate. It gives you time to reflect on life which sharpens your mind and improves cognitive functioning. By taking some time off from the hectic schedule, the yoga for seniors keeps you centered and organized. Many senior yoga practitioners report an improvement in mood and memory.

2. Improves Balance & Stamina

The slow and calculated body movements you practice in yoga improves your overall balance and bodily strength. Although it might appear a bit hard to maintain balance, your ability to practice a yoga pose as a senior will improve over time.

3. Improves Sleep Quality

During the later years, the first thing to get affected is your quality of sleep. Fortunately, there are some yoga for seniors asanas that reduce insomnia and give you a good night's sleep. There are many yoga stretches and breathing exercises that help you relax at night.

4. Minimizes Back Pain

Regular practice of yoga improves your back strength, core stability, and flexibility. Numerous yoga asanas correct your body posture which is necessary for a healthy back. Yoga also minimizes lower back pain, which is the most common health issue in old age.

5. Strengthens Bones & Joints

With age, your bones start to lose their density, not to forget the joints that become stiffer. Gentle yoga practice prevents loss of bone density. Numerous yoga for seniors asanas helps you keep osteoporosis at bay. The daily movement of your joints helps reduce tenderness and joint stiffness.

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Thus, it is how practicing yoga can help you stay fit during the later years.


With old age come a lot of mental and physical health problems. Fortunately, you can learn the best yoga for seniors asanas to keep these issues at bay. Make sure you join a certified yoga school for the same.