Prevent Early Balding
  • Feb 25, 2021

Prevent Early Balding With Yoga To Reduce Hair Fall

Poor diet and sedentary lifestyle are two major reasons for the vast majority of health problems prevalent in today's date. One of these problems that plague every individual is hair fall that can have a vast effect on your self-image. Moreover, a poor self-image only worsens the problem of hair loss when you might rush to a doctor to cure the problem. How about practicing a little yoga to reduce hair fall and get rid of this issue for good?

Intermittent hair loss is a result of constant anxiety, stress, and a poor diet. However, the daily practice of yoga can help reverse this issue. Read further to know how you can deal with this problem for once and all.

How Yoga Helps With Hair Growth?

Given below is how yoga can help you get over hair loss.

  • Removes stress and anxiety which are two major reasons for hair loss
  • Provides your scalp with fresh and oxygenated blood to promote hair growth
  • Improves the oxygen consumption of your head
  • Removes toxins that might result in hair loss from the body
  • Improves your digestion for better food absorption
  • Develops mental and physical health

However, you should also know about the yoga asanas that help you fight hair loss. Let us find out what yoga poses can help you solve the problem of hair loss without much fuss.

5 Yoga To Reduce Hair Fall Poses

Given below are five yoga asanas to help with hair growth.

1. Hastapadasana (Standing Forward Bend)

The best yoga asana to rejuvenate your body and mind. It provides your head with fresh blood and oxygen to your hair cells for growth. This is one of the yoga poses for hair growth that also gives you relief from stress which is one of the reasons behind hair fall.

Moreover, bending forward in this asana provides your digestive system a good and gentle massage for better food absorption.

Steps To Practice Standing Forward Bend
  • Stand straight on the yoga mat with your legs close together.
  • Relax and inhale deeply.
  • While inhaling, lift your hands and bend forward. Your fingers and hands should touch the yoga mat.
  • For added stretch, you can also bring your hands behind your heels. Hold this pose and keep breathing normally.
  • Inhale deeply and slowly come back to the starting position to relax.

2. Vajrasana (Diamond Pose)

Improper digestion can lead to constipation and reduce the supply of nutrients to your hair cells. In the long run, it can lead to hair breakage and damage.

Yoga experts recommend you should practice Vajrasana yoga pose after meals. It improves your digestion, relaxes the back, and keeps your spine straight.

Steps to Practice Diamond Pose
  • Sit straight on the yoga mat. Stretch your legs, keep your spine straight, and your heels together.
  • Your hands should be placed by the side of your body. Also, your palms have to face the mat.
  • Fold your legs and keep them under your thighs. Fold the left leg then the right.
  • Place your hands on your thighs.
  • Sit in a relaxed position. Inhale and exhale deeply.
  • Relax and get back to the starting position.

3. Shashankasana (Rabbit Pose)

An effective yoga to reduce hair fall pose that benefits your scalp and back. You can practice this yoga asana in the morning as well as evening. The Rabbit Pose is a Forward Bend Pose that provides your neck and spine a good stretch and relieves your body and mind of any stress and tension.

Steps To Practice Shashankasana
  • Sit in Vajrasana position on the yoga mat.
  • Bring both your hands forward and on the yoga mat.
  • Slowly touch the crown of your head on the yoga mat and exhale slowly.
  • Hold this pose and practice five deep breaths.
  • Inhale and relax.

4. Uttanpadasana (Raised Feet Pose)

The Raised Feet Pose helps strengthen your abdominal muscles and provide fresh blood to your scalp at the same time. This yoga asana also provides fresh oxygen to your hair cells that take care of the dryness of your scalp.

Steps To Practice Uttanpadasana
  • Lie down on the yoga mat.
  • Your arms have to be by the side of your body with the palms facing the mat.
  • Stretch your body and raise your legs at a 45-degree angle from the yoga mat.
  • Keep your legs raised for a minute or more.
  • Slowly bring your legs down and relax.

5. Ustrasana (Camel Pose)

Although it is a difficult yoga pose to practice, Ustrasana does offers some pretty impressive benefits for hair growth. If you suffer from hair loss it is an amazing yoga pose you can practice.

Steps To Practice Camel Pose
  • Kneel on the yoga mat. Keep your hands on your hips.
  • Keep your knees in line with your shoulders. The soles of your feet must be pointing towards the ceiling.
  • Inhale and draw your tailbone towards the pubis.
  • Bring your palms over your feet but first arch your back. Keep your arms straight.
  • Stay in this position with some breathing.
  • Exhale and relax.
  • Bring your hands back to your hips. Straighten them up.

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Hair fall often results from unnecessary stress and tension. Moreover, an unhealthy diet combined with a sedentary lifestyle only adds to the problem. However, you can practice the five yoga to reduce hair fall asanas to take care of this issue without any need for pharmaceuticals.