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  • Jan. 8, 2022

Comprehensive Guide on Meditation for Concentration

All of us lead super-busy lifestyles. Our lives are riddled with incessant shouting of the boss, ringing of our smartphone and work emails. All this combined makes it impossible to enjoy a few moments of peace. This wreaks havoc on our level of focus and concentration in the long run. Luckily, we have meditation for concentration to help us keep this problem at bay.

Meditation is not a modern day fad but rather a spiritual practice that is as old as the ancient art of yoga. It is the antidote to all the confusion and lack of focus which makes it harder for us to remain in the present moment. Let us find out how this ancient technique improves our concentration levels.

3 Ways How Meditation for Concentration Works Its Magic

Given below are three ways in which meditation for concentration helps you be more present.

Helps Bounce Back from Distractions

Meditation helps you focus on your breathing which brings your mind back whenever it wanders off. It improves your brain's neural circuits for better concentration and focus. In real life, when you are distracted by a social media update on the smartphone during an important task, you are better able to refocus on the task at hand.

Helps You Control Reaction to Stress

Needless to say, daily meditation helps you develop a better reaction towards stress. Numerous researches have shown that meditation can easily help you control amygdala, the section of the brain that reacts to stress.

It is what gives you a leverage when facing a challenging or chaotic situation. In other words, trivial matters are no more able to sway your attention from the bigger picture. This is what makes meditation for concentration an effective technique to fight off stress.

Helps Deal with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)

Since meditation has been found to be beneficial in dealing with numerous mental health issues like stress and depression, it also has the potential to handle ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).

Numerous studies have shown how daily meditation had a positive impact on those suffering from this mental health issue. It keeps them more calm and concentrate on the task at hand.

However, you might ask;

How Can I Learn to Improve Concentration in Meditation?

You can improve concentration in meditation by keeping in mind the guidelines given below.

Release Physical Tension

If you are just starting out with meditation for concentration, you are most likely to tense the muscles in your body. However, keep in mind that entering a deeper meditative state is possible only through complete relaxation.

Relax the Body

An essential component of a successful meditation session is keeping your body in a relaxed state. A powerful way to let go of all the stored bodily tension is taking a deep inhale and releasing the entire stress on an exhale. It is an effective breathing technique that you can practice before sitting for a meditation session.

Pray Before Meditation

The reason behind praying before the meditation for concentration session is it helps you remember why you are doing it. At the same time, you also invite the Divine to help you connect with your true self.

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Sit Completely Still

The slightest movement in your body sends the energy back into the muscles. Remember, the purpose of meditation is to look inwards and the smallest physical movement hinders it. Yoga experts recommend that you think of the body as a solid rock to keep it from getting fidgety.

Withdraw Energy Consciously

The entire goal of meditation for concentration is to disconnect from the external and focus on the internal. For this, you can learn the technique of Hong-Sau meditation which helps you focus the mind during a meditation session.

Keep Eyes Gently Raised

Do you know that the point between your eyes is known as the spiritual eye? Yes! It is the seat of concentration in your body. Now, when you want to disconnect and relax from all the noise, this is where you focus. Therefore, keeping your eyes raised during meditation helps increase your ability to concentrate on the task at hand.


Want to get over this lack of focus and concentration in daily life? You can refer to this guide to understand how meditation for concentration can help you with this. Make sure you learn this technique from an experienced meditation teacher.

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