Best Yoga Teacher Training
  • May. 11, 2021

Best Yoga Teacher Training Jobs in India

Want to make yoga a full-time career? Great! There is a tsunami of yoga practitioners across the globe. Hence, the demand for a certified yoga teacher is at an all-time high. However, make sure you are eligible before applying to any of the yoga teacher training jobs. Here are some of the best yoga teacher training jobs for you. Make sure you read till the end to find the one that perfectly suits you.

Top Yoga Teacher Training Jobs For You

Certified Yoga Instructor

It is one of the most common yoga teacher training jobs that you can go for. However, for that, you need to have a Yoga Alliance certification. Further, you need to become a master in a yoga style to become a yoga teacher.

Moreover, you need to join 200 hours, 300 hours, or 500 hours yoga teacher training courses. Most importantly, you have to graduate and qualify these courses to become a certified yoga teacher. Only then you can teach at a registered yoga school.

Yoga Studio Manager

Do you love to manage things for others? If yes, then becoming a yoga studio manager could one of the best yoga teacher training jobs for you. You have to handle customers, look for different ways to promote the yoga studio along with other managerial tasks.

Moreover, you can work towards getting the yoga studio registered with the Yoga Alliance by fulfilling their requirements.

Open a Yoga Center

In case you want to become your own boss, you can always open a yoga center. There are two conditions here. You can either become a certified yoga teacher and complete various yoga courses. To name a few, you must do 300 hours and 500 hours YTT courses. On the other hand, you can open a yoga studio and hire certified yoga teachers to work for you.

Brand Ambassador

It is one of those yoga teacher training jobs that need a bunch of sponsorships. Moreover, you need to have a skill that you can sell. For that, you need to get in touch with different brands who are interested in your skill. Hence, you need to know whom to approach.

Yoga Merchandise Seller

With a sudden boost in the yoga world, there are thousands of yoga merchandise sellers looking for deserving people to partner with. Therefore, if you love to practice yoga, you can join hands with them. Make sure you show your talent or social circle with them. Also, ensure you sell genuine products that can help your students and followers.

Yoga Researcher

It is one of the most interesting yoga teacher training jobs that you can go for. New studies are going on in the field of yoga. Hence, they need people who have practical and first-hand knowledge about yoga practice. Thus, it could be a perfect opportunity for you to dive much deeper into yoga.


There are plenty of people out there suffering from past traumas or psychological disorders. Therefore, you can become a yoga therapist if you love helping others. Further, it would be one of the perfect yoga teacher training jobs for you if have a thing for psychology.

Wrap Up

There are various fields that you might pursue after you have graduated as a yoga teacher. However, the point is that you need to use your talent for practicing yoga along with other skills to truly master your career. Thus, you can have a diverse field by choosing from multiple yoga teacher training jobs mentioned above.

Once you do that, nothing is going to come into your path to achieve the top position in your career. Make sure you do thorough research before jumping into any field.