Hot Yoga
  • Mar. 04, 2022

Beginner's Guide to Hot Yoga

Do you want to practice a rigorous form of yoga? There are many yoga styles you can choose from. There is Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Kundalini yoga among others. One of the many other yoga styles is Hot yoga.

In simple terms, this is a rigorous style of yoga that you practice in a Hot and humid studio. Room temperature in a Hot yoga session can reach 40 degrees Celsius with a humidity of 40%. The intense yoga poses increases your heart rate and exercise the muscles.

That is not all! There are a few important things you should keep in mind with Hot yoga.

Things to Remember During First Hot Yoga Class

As Hot yoga is intense, there are a few tips you should keep in mind during the first session.

Never Eat Before Class

Always have a light meal or snack before the yoga session. The meal should contain essential protein and healthy carbs. Consume it at least two to three hours before the Hot yoga class. You can also try out peanut butter, yogurt, fruit, or a smoothie.

Listen To Your Body

There is no judgment in a Hot yoga class. There is no competition either. Yoga is completely non-competitive. The main focus is to turn your attention inwards. So, if it gets too Hot then do not hesitate to take a break. Just take a sip of water and enter into the Child's pose. Go to a cooler area.


A Hot yoga class takes place in a Hot and humid room. Naturally, that you would sweat a lot. To replenish the fluids lost during the class, make sure you drink enough water. Yoga experts recommend that you carry a water bottle to every Hot yoga session.

Let Go of Fear

Do you fear that you might fall unconscious during class? Don't overthink. Let go of the fear of heat or passing out due to the humid environment. Never think that the first Hot yoga class would bring about a life-changing transformation. Keep an open mind and lose yourself in the experience this yoga style has to offer.

Move Slowly

Breathing is the most powerful tool to use during yoga class. It is the key to surviving a Hot yoga session. Yoga experts recommend that you practice deep breathing to calm down the nervous system.

Keeping these 5 things in mind during the Hot yoga class offers you a lot of benefits.

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Benefits of Hot Yoga

Despite the room temperature, Hot yoga does offer you some major health benefits. The heat might make it a bit hard to practice but the perks are worth the effort.

That said, let us check out the 5 major health benefits of a Hot yoga class.

Improves Flexibility

Stretching warmed-up muscles is better than stretching cold and stiff muscles. The Hot yoga poses are much easier and more effective in comparison to other yoga styles. This helps your body develop an improved range of motion. Daily practice of Hot yoga for 2 weeks helps develop flexibility in your lower back and shoulders.

Burns More Calories

Do you want to get rid of extra calories? One hour of Hot yoga practice can help you burn 183 calories. Hot yoga might not be as intense as Bikram, it does help you burn more calories than the traditional yoga workout.

Develops Bone Density

Many Hot yoga poses support your body weight. This helps develop bone density. It makes Hot yoga effective for older adults and premenopausal women. Thus, this keeps you safe against injury from accidental falls.

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Reduces Stress

Yoga is not just a physical workout. It keeps you safe from mental health problems like stress. Regular practice helps release the feel-good hormone, Endorphins. This improves your quality of life as well as health.

Provides Cardiovascular Boost

Different Hot yoga exercises create heat. This gives your lungs, heart, and muscles a challenging workout. A single session of this yoga style is enough to get your heart pumping. Just enroll in a certified yoga school to learn Hot yoga under the guidance of skilled yoga teachers.

This is the complete guide to help you learn Hot yoga with complete safety and information.


Do you want to practice yoga and burn extra calories in the process? Join a Hot yoga class to get rid of extra calories and give your body a good workout.

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