500 hour yoga teacher training
  • Mar. 31, 2021

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Cost and Syllabus

Everyone yearns to know about yoga in and out. Yoga is an ancient art that considers every dimension of your being. Practicing yoga also means you are working towards the alignment of your mind, body, and soul. If you are looking for a way to master this ancient art, joining a 500 hour yoga teacher training course is a perfect choice for you.

Want to know more about 500 hour yoga teacher training? For that, you can read the following.

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training: A Brief Introduction

A Yoga Alliance certified yoga course, 500 hour yoga teacher training offers the most advanced yoga training. You do advanced yogic practices and learn the skill to become an advanced yoga master. It is the perfect yoga course to master the art of yoga.

There are a plethora of yoga forms you can learn and practice. Further, you have in-depth analysis of various elements of yoga. Hence, you become a certified yoga instructor on the completion of this course.

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training: Eligibility Criteria

To join 500 hour yoga teacher training course, you must be mentally and physically in tune. Further, you need to have done either 200 hours or 300 hours yoga teacher training courses.

The sole aim of having either of the courses is to make sure you are physically and mentally fit to join the course. A 500 hour yoga teacher training course has intense & complex yoga poses, deep meditation practicing techniques, and much more. Hence, you need to qualify to join this course.

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training: Syllabus

Diverse Yoga Forms
You get to choose between multiple yoga forms. To name a few, you can choose from Vinyasa yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Kundalini yoga, Restorative yoga, and many more.

Hence, it provides you the perfect opportunity to explore the world of yoga.

Yoga Mudras
Your hands have various energy points. When you press them, the energy flows through various energy chakras. Hence, you learn to make hand gestures also known as yoga mudras for more effective yoga practice.

With regular practice of yoga mudras, you work towards an efficient flow of energy within your body.

Enrolling in a 500 hour yoga teacher training course, you practice Bandhas. These help you gain control over your body. Further, the practice of Bandhas ensures you develop a strong mind-muscle connection.

It raises your energy from the root to crown chakra. Thus, it is one of the most important elements of yoga to help you have a spiritual awakening.

Body Anatomy & Physiology
500 hour yoga teacher training helps you have a deep analysis of your body. Thus, you learn about your bodily limits, range of motion of your joints, and other aspects of your human physiology.

Knowing human anatomy helps you improve your yoga practice by strengthening your joints and muscles.

Teaching Methodology
Learning and practicing yoga is one thing. When you want to become a certified yoga instructor, you need to know how to teach yoga. Further, you must be aware of how to handle a yoga class. You also learn practicum to ensure your students learn in the most optimum way.

Advanced Yoga Poses
Becoming a yoga master means you should know how to practice advanced yoga poses. It helps you strengthen your body to have a perfectly fit and healthy physique.

Meditation Techniques
To have a spiritual awakening, you need to master your mental dimension. For that, you have to practice deep meditation techniques. Enrolling in 500 hour yoga teacher training course helps you go through various meditation techniques that help you master your psyche.

Adjustments & Alignment
Want to practice yoga without any injury? For that, you need to know how to place your body while practicing yoga. Further, you should be awareof how to adjust and align your body for a perfect yoga experience.

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training: Cost

Below-mentioned is the 500 hour yoga teacher training cost. Keep reading

The class size for 500 hour yoga teacher training varies from 10 to 15 students. The duration of the course is 60 days.

You can enroll in this course and have a private room to stay for $3500. In case you share a room, the cost goes down to $3000.

The cost includes your stay, food, yoga material, and much more. Your visa and air tickets are not included in the cost.

Sum Up

500 hour yoga teacher training course helps you take your yoga training to new heights. What you need to do is to make up your mind and body before enrolling in this course. The aim is to explore yoga in its true essence and to incorporate yoga into your routine. Thus, you achieve greater heights in your career as a yoga teacher.